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The presented images are our own projects, from the initial idea to the final effect. Our creative inspiration is drawn from the extensive understanding of Art.
Alexander McQueen 
Two years ago the fashion world faced tragic information – Lee Alexander McQueen committed a suicide. I still miss the designer’s visionary and artistry. Mainly for this reason my entire dissertation was devoted to McQueen. In today’s post I would like to honour McQueen’s ever memorable talent and visionary mind, who would never again share his imagination. Dealing with this fact is egoistically dreadful. Throughout his career McQueen was flirting with death and it’s symbolic, explaining that: ‘It is important to look at death – it is a part of life.’ (Knight, 2009). In memory of McQueen, the icons of contemporary fashion were saying goodbye: (All quotes come from the same source: Harper’s Bazaar, McCann, 2010) 

‘He was such a great guy and such an amazing talent that it is so devastating to know he is gone. We have a lot of mutual friends and some of them are working here, and everybody is walking around crying today. I will miss him, and I will certainly miss the beauty that he created, and his vision and his world. You just ask yourself, ‘Why?’ and then really the answer to that question is so unnecessary in a way, since knowing ‘why’ doesn’t change anything. Death is always horrible.’ 
Mark Jacobs 

‘I am truly devastated to lose my close friend. His talent had no boundaries, and he was an inspiration to everyone who worked with him and knew him. This is a sad day for all who loved him around the world and my condolences are with his family. I will miss him so much, he will never be forgotten.’ 
Naomi Campbell 

‘Lee was a fashion genius. I don’t say that lightly, and it is a total shock that I am referring to him in the past tense. He was a real friend. I will miss him as a mate, a peer, and as a true British talent, full of life and energy in everything he ever did. He was one of our best designers, and this is a huge loss for the world of fashion. What a man! Such sad, sad news. The world has lost a star. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family, his many friends and all those who worked with him.’ 
Stella McCartney 

‘He was the greatest and most genuinely talented designer I have ever worked with. His talent was supersonic. As with true talent, it comes from nowhere and reaches everywhere. His originality and exceptional talent always impressed me. He was a very kind and loving friend to me.’ 
Phillip Treacy 

      McQueen contributed to pushing fashion forward and creativity to its limits. The designer’s complex and polar psyche reflected in his collections. Subtle and aggressive, modern yet darkly romantic, the emotional dualism infiltrated McQueen’s projects. Entire milieu of the designer unquestionably confirms his unparalleled sensitivity. McQueen’s creations, characterised by a dose of artistry, merit a denomination of a work of art. The collections were a mean to make a statement. McQueen perceived beauty as a compilation of unusual concepts, bringing together the opposites. 
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