Hazardous Area

The presented images are our own projects, from the initial idea to the final effect. Our creative inspiration is drawn from the extensive understanding of Art.


Well… Hello Everyone!

This shooting is about Kat’s belief to do EVERYTHING with class. She is the kind of a woman who can keep her head high and morals up even in the most critical situations and under the nastiest circumstances. I swear that she was terrified of the horses who tried really hard to taste her fine outfit, but the horror she felt is not at all reflected neither in her eyes nor in the silhouette, position. Respect. Kat reminds me sometimes of a firm, marble statue, who will always keep her style. But let’s be honest, we do also share a lot of laughs.

This is actually our second post with horses, that is why you should unconditionally visit also -http://thehazardousarea.blogspot.com/2011/10/damroca-co.html

where you will find me with my very different attitude towards life (and horses) and some music I adore.

Hello Everyone, 

          I hope you  are all chilled out after the Holidays. It were very lazy days for us, but now it’s  time to come back to the dietetic reality. This post  will be of a little bit sentimental value, as I will be appearing in my mother’s 30 years old blue anorak, which I find awfully cute due to the intensive colour. It does though not reflect my ordinary style. I usually despise blue, but for this special case I developed a certain level of tolerance.
The pictures are taken at the side of my grand grandmother’s old house ( she died at the age of 102, I have good genes). Last night I had one of my most disturbing dreams. The gloomy house was a royal mansion. I got there by horse and met the Royal Couple who were arguing about their love affairs. The queen was sadly mooning around the garden and reminded me of the Corpse Bride. She was also carring a child in her womb, an unwanted child which made her look and feel sick, as it was the king’s  and she did not love him. This dream  really gave me the creeps. The colours, the faces and the situation were all terrifying. Some years back I dreamt of killing lions in that little house. It obviously must have some strong and simulating aura and be deeply rooted in my family’s collective psyche.  As I am a very intuitive person I took the royal dream as a calling to choose just this shooting for today. How simple is that? Let’s make everything about fashion! 


Pastel Trend

Hello Everyone!
             I hope that you did look forward to our new post. As the spring arises our minds start to switch to more positive functioning mode in the year.  Sometimes we even observe a rising tolerance for things which used to irritate us in the winter, including light colours or adorable patterns…… It’s such a delightful change of heart every year. That is why we decided to present ourselves in a very delicate, feminine version this week. Both me and Kat are very expressive and rather strong individuals, so obtaining even a shade of sensibility in the following pictures were not an easy task.This is also one of our first studio shoots. Congratulations to Matt (Kat’s boyfriend) and me - we did succeed!

Extravagant Footwear

  We have already posted a note about the point of wearing high heels (please see: http://thehazardousarea.blogspot.com/2011/12/high-heels-high-hopes.html). This time my intention is to express our interest in shoes, as a piece of art.

    Shoes are without any doubt  the most important piece of one’s outfit. It’s them that protect humane delicate feet when we walk on hard or rocky ground. It’s them that simply keep us going. That is why shoes are the most adequate object to make a celebration out of.


    Clearly, many top designers had the same impression and decided to devote a huge part of their talent to shoes. I could not help starting with Alexander McQueen, who’s footwear designs are due to their finessed shape by far one of the most interesting. The shoe construction influences the appearance of the whole silhouette. McQueen’s concentrated the main accent of the outfits on accessories, shoes, headpieces etc. His typical intention was to present shoes as the most striking part, either due to their shape or to their intensive colours and marvelous patterns. Maybe he wanted the element  that keeps us on the surface of the Earth to be the one that is emphasized the clearest.
               The  designer Anastasia Radevich’s (www.anastasiaradevich.com) clearly inspired her beautiful and impressionable designs with McQueen’s creations. Her vision is although more “down to earth” due to the shoe’s “wearable” construction and she rather stays within the warm colour palette. 
                Some, as Kobi Levi, choose to create shoes which totally differ from the  usual way of looking at footwear. His designs remind us rather of situations ( as the bubble-gum shoe) than of pictures or ideologies. There is nothing else left for us than to admire his vision! ……Cause these shoes are certainly not made for walking. 

Winchester is a magical place. The following photo shooting is the effect of our visit to this cosy little town. Our intention was to create a look which could be easily associated with Winchester’s truly mysterious atmosphere. So there it is. Besides the noble clothing set Kat is wearing a golden rose brooch. The sad thing is that it got lost during the shooting after party. It may seem strange but we are addicted to dice playing. We even upgraded the standard Yatzy version. We invented new figures and play the game using six dice, not five as usual. That is certainly our most geeky feature. Either way we were playing dice in a pub and the brooch must have decided to leave us and look for its fate somewhere else. It was a very sad truth to realize, but I can understand that pretty lives its own life. After all, there was no better place to lose the brooch than Winchester. At least we have a memory of it in the pictures below. Xoxo Damroca

Gucci Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Hi Guys, 

       the spring is finally heavily knocking on our closet’s door. Unfortunately we have to admit that the colours that are supposed to be fashionable this season do not all go with our taste. Who thought that pastels will make such a strong comeback…and what is more, in the worst possible release. Pale yellow, azure, celadon or pink. These colours do really have a potential, but let’s be honest – certainly not combined all together and not everyone will be able to pull them off. Not to forget that there are a few who will be very excited about this colour palette. Including me. In my opinion there are some trends which force you to reinvent your style. In that case I just do not follow. Authenticity is a thing of great value that is why I know that we will never be accurate, trend following fashionistas. We prefer to be our own style’s trend setters or pick only the most interesting trends of each year. 

        As we hate pale colours, we decided to simply skip (or boycott) the spring in fashion and express our recognition for the fall/ winter of 2012/2013. This heavy and intensive colour range and fabrics are much closer to our hearts. Sometimes I wonder if this is the question of personality, maybe our minds are too dark for easy-pleasy pastels and we need the theatrical and thrilling dark romance with Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2012/2013. 

And here are some examples, the collection looks mighty doesn’t it? 

Faux Fur

I hope you all feel the positive spring vibrations. We do! But these are the last moments when we can enjoy our furry garments.  Artificial of course. We are too much of  animal fans to consider the ‘real’ option. It does not happen often that we present ourselves together, but this time we want to break the rule and emphasize the contrasts that arise around our personalities.  Kat feels best when elegant and dignified. I remember the day when she found the fur she’s wearing, in a little outlet shop in our home town. It was like a dream come true. Pure happiness and creative fulfillment. I know that she was buying it with the thought of combining it with the long leather gloves. The image had  already been in her mind. Enjoy the result. I must admit that my outfit is a spontaneous effect of me trying to combine ‘unmatchable’ clothes.  Sometimes I am really surprised  that the results come out to be quite harmonic and actually make sense…